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Veteran’s Day

I recently visited the Raven Rock Bridge, a pedestrian bridge in Lumberville, PA, that spans the Delaware Canal and River.  My prior post gives you a little background on the bridge.

The long span takes you to Bull’s Island Recreational area, which is a New Jersey State Park.  Originally, the bridge carried vehicular traffic, until 1944.

There’s an American Flag chained to the bridge.  As you can see, it was VERY, VERY windy this day – so much so that I had to hold onto my baseball cap to keep it from blowing into the river.  Did I mention windy?   The wind was also playing havoc with the bridge because you could feel the deck moving in the wind.  Very unsettling at times – you almost wondered if you were going to land in the river.  Most of my shot were from a tripod because of the wind.

This is my tribute to Veteran’s Day; I thank you all for your service!  Thanks to Marka for reminding everyone early.

us flag at rock raven bridge

9 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day

  1. omg Wayne, fantastic capture!The flag is awesome with the wind motion and the lovely river!
    So lovely homage, very well done!

  2. BMW-Dick says:

    Beautiful tribute. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. rebecca says:

    Cool perspective.

  4. Jill says:

    what a cool shot! thumbs up!

  5. Clytie says:

    A wonderful tribute.

    Thanks to all veterans today and every day.

    “Lest We Forget”

  6. Marilla says:

    Wow, that’s an interesting shot! It’s really blowing in the wind, the flag… Good idea, Woody!

  7. Superb shot for today.
    Many countries are honouring veterans today. Problem in France is that the last WWI veteran died last year or the year before. Strange to commemorate the end of WWI without any of the men who fought in it.

  8. Marka says:

    An excellent tribute!

    I’ve been gradually coming to the opinion that the designated days are becoming over-commercialized. So instead of jumping on the bandwagon, I think I’ll begin to post about two weeks early. Much like I did for Veteran’s Day.

  9. t. becque says:

    Great color against the shape of the river!