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This one came out of the Sony, just like this – no post processing. I used the HDR capabilities built in to the camera. You set the mode, push the shutter and the camera takes 3 photos at different exposures and merges them in the camera.  No need to merge the photos in an editing program, it just deals with it.  It like shooting fish in a barrel.

This firewheel (Indian Blanket) just begged for HDR.

And to think, TexWisGirl has these growing like weeds …

firewheel (Indian Blanket)

firewheel (Indian Blanket)

3 thoughts on “sooc

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    yes i do!!! 🙂 a plethora of them all over the front field!

    love this ‘in camera’ effect! really nice!

  2. It’s superb. I wish I had a garden…