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positive experience with Century Windows

I wanted to convey a really positive experience I had with a business, Century Windows. I don’t normally do this sort of thing, but I was so impressed, I had to share.

Many years ago (15 years? 17 years?), I installed a venting octagonal window in my home. A few month ago, the opening/closing mechanism failed. The part was not defective, we just wore it out. To make matters worse, I could not find any paperwork from the transaction, so I didn’t know who manufactured the window.

The local business from which I ordered the window, went bankrupt years ago. I tried the local ‘box’ stores, none of which had parts.

I gave up on the idea of fixing the window and began a search for a new window. I searched several times and kept returning to their site.

On a whim, I filled out the online form, asking if they had replacement parts. One of their customer services representatives emailed me back. Unbekonwnst to me, gmail flagged it a SPAM and I never got the message.

A couple of weeks after Century had replied to my inquiry, the same customer service rep left a voice message on my home phone. I called him back and from my description he was convinced the window was made by Century. I ordered the replacement hardware kit, which I installed earlier today. The window works like a new!

Century went the extra step after I didn’t respond to their email and a simple, 60 second voice message lead me to a solution.

Thanks Century, you guys rock!

octagon window

4 thoughts on “positive experience with Century Windows

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    wow! that’s almost unheard of! to make a call after a customer ‘ignores’ an email to follow up / follow through. wow! i’m very impressed w/ their service!

  2. Go on . . . show us a window picture.

  3. I don’t think folks like that exist in France.

  4. pat says:

    Customer service is a lost art. It seems you found some that is alive and well. I’m always amazed that so many business don’t think that it’s important.