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old school

About 3 years ago, a friend challenged me to shoot some photos with my film camera.  I took a shot here or there, but never got around to finishing the roll.  I completed the task by taking a bunch of photos of the eclipse, which I will post later.  When I scanned the photos, this image just jumped at me.  It’s one of our dogs, Bella.  10 pounds of terror.  She’s impossible to photograph, because she’s always on the move.  I have hundreds of photos of her, most of which are a blur.  To put this in perspective, my film camera is completely manual, aka manual focus, manual light meter, manual aperture, and manual shutter speed.  How I managed to get all 4 correct with a dog that never sits still is quite an accomplishment.  I love the grain, the film is Ilford HP5 400ASA.  It’s inspiring to take a decent photo with a camera that’s at least 45 years old.



2 thoughts on “old school

  1. TheChieftess says:

    Not just a decent photo…this is a great photo!!! The stars aligned in your favor!!!

  2. rebecca says:

    Oh the blessings of digital. I used to hate waiting for the film to be developed. Great image though.