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old firehouse

My next stop on the abandoned Chalfont tour takes us to the old firehouse. A much-needed new fire house was built and the old one sits vacant as shown below. Septa uses this parking lot for the adjacent train station.

The original building to the far right is on the historical register. There was a plan to tear down the garages and renovate the historical building for the Chalfont Police, but the boro is contemplating joining a regional police force, so I guess those plans are on hold. If Chalfont moves forward with joining the regional force, this will likely sit.

old firehouse in Chalfont

old firehouse in Chalfont

3 thoughts on “old firehouse

  1. Hmm… I have to admit that not in use, it could be replaced by something better looking. Or nothing at all. Plant flowers and put a few beehives there.

  2. rebecca says:

    I didn’t know about the regional police force. That was the fire dept when we lived in Chalfont/Hilltown.