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It’s been very January around here lately. Today’s windchill was in the teens, so I didn’t venture out to take any photos. Lame. As a matter of fact, I haven’t ventured outside for photos in a few weeks. Still lame.

Here’s a daylight shot of Henry, the headless snowman, taken from the kitchen. Henry made his photo debut here and from looking at the 10 day forecast, he isn’t going anywhere soon. You can gauge the wind by looking at the pinwheel on Henry’s shoulder. The shutter speed is 1/100 sec, so the pinwheel is really spinning fast.

Hopefully, I’ll stop being so lame and get out and take some photos. Maybe I should curl up with a good macro lens.


10 thoughts on “lame

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    that makes me laugh. yup, time to do some indoor photography. get back into your shop area and find some metal and rust to focus on. 🙂

  2. TheChieftess says:

    Nothing says comfort like curling up with the macro lens!!!

  3. Oh boy, he’s probably feeling a bit dizzy right now!

  4. Lady Fi says:

    Love that snowman.

  5. Andy says:

    The headless snowman will soon be bodiless.

  6. Pat says:

    Geez, I would have been inside also. UNTIL SPRING!

  7. rebecca says:

    It is so hard for me to get motivated in winter.

  8. Ramakant says:

    Henry looks pretty good for someone who’s lost his head a few days back.

  9. RuneE says:

    We could all feel lame. You snowman is keeping up well, despite having lost his head – but haven’t we all?

  10. Is he still there?