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One of the exhibits at the Corning Museum of Glass were shelves of everyday glasses.  I would not think of this for an exhibition, but it was pretty cool.



I like the close up the best.



6 thoughts on “glasses

  1. Felicia says:

    alot of beautiful colors too.

  2. The top one is quite complicated to look at – and I really like it. I wish thoughts of keeping such exhibits polished and dusted didn’t keep intruding.

  3. TexWisGirl says:

    yeah, that’s pretty cool.

  4. TheChieftess says:

    Cool shots! Interesting museum…different!

  5. Beautiful photos. I particularly like the first one. Really captivating.

  6. Patrick says:

    Although I’m a big fan of HDR, It is perfect for these photos!
    Really nice Wayne.