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I saw this old barn whilst roaming about Bucks County.  What struck me odd was the new, WHITE downspouts on the tattered old barn.  I applied HDR to get the colors to pop.

A contribution for Midweek Blues. I’m away for a day or to, so I might not be able to visit, sorry.



5 thoughts on “downspouts

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    oh, if you were around, i’d make you link in the barn charm with this one!!!

  2. A great capture for the theme!This barn is beautiful!

  3. Love… (I mean, I love!)

  4. rebecca says:

    Cool. It looks familiar, but then maybe it is a red barn and there are so many read barns!! I learned another trick to get colors to pop. Duplicate your layer> change opacity to hard light, adjust. Not sure if you ever tried that or if it is any less work that applying hdr.

  5. dianne says:

    the barn is beautiful!
    I guess they replaced the spouts to save the wood from rain damage
    then again what do I know 😉