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didn’t see this one coming

At Longwood Gardens, I took a few photos of Osteospermum or Cape Daisy. My wife and I like these because they are purple on the outer edges of the petal, transitioning to pure white in the center. I’ usually pretty good about visualizing the end product, but I never thought this image would come out like this,

I post-processed this in HDR Efex Pro, adding HDR and converting to monochrome. I’m not sure if you like this, but I think it’s stunning, I’ll definitely print this.

My contribution to The Weekend in Black and White, 11-April-2014


14 thoughts on “didn’t see this one coming

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    it looks like a detailed pencil/charcoal drawing.

  2. TheChieftess says:

    Oh yeah!!! Gorgeous!! I like your choice to do it in B&W!!!

  3. Carver says:

    I like this very much!

  4. Yes it is stunning. Other than being framed, it could be used to make beautiful place mats, or transferred onto cushions…

  5. Rajesh says:

    Beautiful composition.

  6. Dragonstar says:

    That’s beautiful! Stunning flower.

  7. HansHB says:

    Beautiful b&w post!

  8. The black and white certainly highlights the variation of tones and shapes in this beautiful flower.

  9. Finely detailed macro of this flower. Great texture.

  10. Monica says:

    Very well taken, Wayne! Beautiful tones and details in this flower!

  11. Stunning image, Wayne.

  12. LonettA says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photo in B&W! Great details!

  13. Pat says:

    Like it? I love it!
    It would look great framed and hanging somewhere.
    Very nice photo Woody. I have a friend who shares your last name. Even his wife calls him Woody.

  14. Jarek says:

    Lovely picture. 🙂