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blowin’ in the wind

You might know by now that I like to photograph ‘non-traditional’ subjects and this is no exception.

The foreground shows a post and rail fence with wire mesh attached.  Behind the fence is a very large white pine.  The pine needles fell and were caught by the mesh.  I caught them blowing he wind blowing with a slow shutter 🙂  Techie mumbo-jumbo below the photo.

blowin' in the wind

I set up my tripod and went for an aperture of f10. It was ~4PM on October 31st, so the sun was disappearing fast.  It was also very breezy.  With that aperture, the shutter was open quite a while and with the wind blowing, gave motion to the needles.

5 thoughts on “blowin’ in the wind

  1. Really artistic, I love this effect and motion!
    Very well done Wayne!

  2. And you’ve managed to make it look eerie somehow!

  3. t. becque says:

    Love the effect the motion created. And I appreciate your techno mumbo jumbo too!

  4. Marka says:

    I like it. Glad to see I’m not the only one playing with long exposures in the autumn evenings.