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2017 Chalfont 5K race

A contribution to Our World Tuesday

Each year for the past 25 years, Chalfont has hosted a 5K race the first Saturday in June.  I know the route well, so I planned out where I would be shooting to get uncluttered backgrounds for the runners. From reviewing photos from past events, I decided I’d get some shots at 1/500th second to freeze motion and 1/30th to 1/50th to get some motion blur.

First, a shot of the runners coming up Main St.  It was cloudy, cool, and showering.

running under the flag


This is such an epic fail of a shot, but I love it regardless.  My friend, Bob P. was running and I was panning to get him in motion.  It seems I got a little bit ahead of Bob in this shot.

a little too far ahead


Here’s the shot I was trying to get. Given it was cloudy, I probably should have gone with a slighter faster shutter speed.  This was @ 1/50th of a sec

cool and calm


Another friend, Joe C @ 1/500th.





Joe C


An interesting shot of an unknown runner @ 1/250th sec.  The dude’s flying as he approached the finish line (literally, he was running really fast at this point).

flying high


A shot of the finish line as the runners approach.

the finish line


Another unknown runner happy to be finishing.

happy finisher

when it rains

It started raining last night and it’s still showering today.  I was trying several angles to photograph this Gerber daisy with the 16-70 zoom and I noticed the little water droplet hanging from the petal, so I grabbed the macro lens and tripod to get this.  It’s unprocessed other than to export the jpeg from Lightroom.  #beautiful #photooftheday #jewel #macro

when it rains


AMCA Oley 2017

This was stuck in my draft, for some reason, I didn’t post.


The Antique Motorcycle Club of America sponsors many events.  I normally attend the on in Oley, PA in April.  Here’s a panning shot of the fairgrounds.  There’s a lot of neat old bikes, most are for sale, but the flea market is a lot of fun to look around



I should have taken residence on a bench and photographed the people, but I was too busy looking at motorcycle bits.  This attractive young lady was very willing to pose for me, but she didn’t say much 🙂

I like the guy’s t-shirt in the background #antiquemotorcycle



Gathering of the Norton’s 2017

Every year, the Delaware Valley Norton Riders hosts a gathering at Washington Crossing Historic Park.  This year (the event was April 23), I rode the Matchless and I had a great time with perfect weather.  I talked to a ton of people commenting on the bike.  I saw many friend and had a great ride on the old bike.    As you can see, it was well attended.



splish splash

This is an unusually long post, but I think there are some interesting photos to share. My contribution to Our World Tuesday.

Twice a year (March and November), the Pennsylvania DCNR holds a 2-day event where they release millions of gallons from Lake Noxamickon into the Tohickon Creek. It turns the otherwise mild-mannered Tohickon into a class 3 or 4 white-water waterway (try saying that a few time fast). Added interest was provided from our recent snowfall, providing a nice white backdrop.

The weather Sunday, cooperated spectacularly – it was sunny and bright. These were all shot in shutter priority at 1/500 or 1/1250 second with the Zeiss 16-70mm zoom. These shots were cropped to get you in on the action.

Evil eye – I’m not sure this guy was too happy with me photographing him going the wrong way. Note a large tree fell, blocking half the creek, forcing everyone to go left, right towards my spot.


Wheelie – I caught this guy coming over a small water fall in mid-air


Determination – This guy had quite the expression on his face.


Three’s company – These three were having a blast


don’t look now –
I could not have timed this on better. I think the expression on his face is priceless.


If you want to see Class 6 white-water, see this post from my blog, which includes a brief youtube video.

whitewater walk