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Bella turned 2 the other day, here she is with her ‘cake’ (it’s pumpkin bread), her musical birthday cake, and a card from the neighbor.  She very patiently waited for us to remove the candles before she chowed down.

2SONY ILCE-6000 (39mm, f/4, 1/60 sec, ISO1600)


Thursday was our 27th Wedding Anniversary.  I normally get my wife long-stemmed red roses but this year I had them make an arrangement with other flowers.  Happy Anniversary, Anna!

My contribution to Weekly Top Shot #171 and I heart macro #97

27SONY ILCE-6000 (70mm, f/4, 1/25 sec, ISO1600)

snowy fence

As I previously bitched , er I mean posted, we had a first-day-of-Spring snowstorm that gave us a fresh 6″ coating of the white stuff.

Doesn’t this look like a dreamy, ‘out in the country’, farmy kind of shot? Is ‘farmy’ even a word? Doubtful.

Well, it wasn’t taken in the country, it’s my neighbor’s backyard. I took this out my home office window using an older-than-dirt 135mm lens, shot through a screen, yielding the soft and dreamy focus.

A contribution to Good Fences #53 and The Weekend in Black and White March 27, 2015

snowy fenceSONY ILCE-6000 (0mm, f/0, 1/320 sec, ISO400)


There was one very dead chive flower in the garden that was collecting snow the other day. It’s very lonely against the cold, stark background.  I used my Yashinon 50mm f1.4, probably at a f8 aperature

chiveSONY ILCE-6000 (0mm, f/0, 1/500 sec, ISO400)

ghost wood

I think this resembles a ghost, how about you?

Several years ago, I was cutting up the trunk of a plum tree and noticed this figure in the woodgrain. I allowed the wood to season for several years, then planed and sanded it to make it reasonably smooth.

I think it’s creepy cool.

ghost woodSONY ILCE-6000 (0mm, f/0, 1/50 sec, ISO400)