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and the walls came tumbling down (think John Cougar Mellencamp)

Demolition of Brighten Place  has been going on for several weeks.  Here’s a shot of the front, pre-demolition.  I’m happy to report that someone salvaged those gorgeous window frames on the 3rd floor as well as many other artifacts from the exterior.

building front


Here’s another pre-demolition shot. The building on the right and the one behind the bucket are long gone. More shots of the building on the left are below.

the bucket
I wandered by the site today, since I have some extra days off for Thanksgiving.  The guy operating the jaws was nothing short of amazing. He could pick a single piece of recyclable metal from the pile and set it aside.

big bite

A big bite of the debris

big bite


Moving over to the dump truck.

dump truck



I saw a guy on the other side picking up a piece of sheet metal. I timed it such that it looked like he was getting munched, but he was in no danger.



I’m hoping to go back when they are knocking structure down.

the corner

During our trip out west this summer, we visited Telluride, CO. and I took a few photos of an old cabin.  I like the interlocking corner boards in monochrome.  I applied a Kodak Tri-x 400 film emulation to give it that grainy look.  A contribution to The Weekend in Black and White November 20, 2015.

the corner


Purple LED lights affixed to the rain gutter on our house shot (Halloween lights).  I  intentionally mis-focused with the aperture wide open with the old Yashica 50mm f1.4 lens.  Kinda cool, eh?


fellowship hall

Fellowship Hall is part of St. James Church, in Chalfont. The property has been for sale for a number of years. The last I read, a developer had purchased the property and will be developing the church into a restaurant, which should be pretty interesting.

In the mean time, I snapped this photo of the hall and converted it to monochrome. A contribution to the Weekend in Black and White, November 13, 2015.

Fellowship Hall

what are you looking at?

I pass this field almost every day on my way to work; it’s part of the farm at Delaware Valley University. This particular morning, the frost and sunrise prompted me to stop and take a few photos.
It’s doubtful that you can see it, but there is a fence near the treeline, so I’m sneaking this one in for Good Fences #86. Hopefully, you are laughing too hard and don’t care to look for the fence.

what are you looking at?