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I love my old audio gear, you know, the ones with knobs, a few buttons and no remote control?  Simple stereo.

the wall

Many year ago (like 20+ years), we did some remodeling where we had a wall constructed to divide the Dining room and Living room, which are at different elevations and were previously by a *hideous* banister.

The wall was cool back I the ’90 but was long overdue for an update.

Here’s a before shot.

Basically, I removed the upper part of the wall. Yes, the wall is load bearing, but the house was constructed with a beam to carry the load, so there’s no harm. We covered both sides of the wall with wood of different lengths and thicknesses. They come pre-finished with double-sided tape on the back, so you ‘simply’ stick them to the wall.

We purchased a reclaimed floor board from an old Thrashing barn from JC Woodworking, cleaned it up, sanded it a bit while preserving the character of the board, the sealed it with 6 coats of polyurethane. It came out pretty bitchin’.


I got a ‘Fail’ button for Christmas; I keep it on my desk for just the right moment. The other day, I noticed the reflection from my desk lamp created just the right for the dot in the ‘i’ and I used my reading glasses as a frame.


I sat Bella at the kitchen table and captured her and her reflection.  Photographing her is a real challenge; she can’t sit still for a second.  Most of my photos of her are blurred.  A contribution to Weekend Reflections #381

Happy New Year

I was reflecting upon 2016 and was searching my archives for a fitting photo to start 2017 and this one spoke loudly.  There’s a long road ahead; keep your head up and be inspired by the greatness that surrounds you.

If you’re interested in the details, this is Route 89A in Arizona, heading west towards Fredonia.

Happy New Year