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a little snow love

A view of the cherry tree in front of our house this evening.



I was going through my photo archives looking for a photo with a theme of “three” where the photo must portray three items.  I came across a photo I took in NYC several years ago.  I never posted it because the original, shall we say, “sucketh greatly”.

When I saw it this time, I thought it fit the theme, so I did some cropping.  I moved it to Nix Silver EFEX Pro and selectively colorized the neon, which lit up part of the building.  I realized the Empire State Building was in the background and it was lit in blue, so I colorized that as well.  I then took it over to photoshop to remove some distracting elements and came up with this.  Do you like it?





Happy Valentine’s day

A heart made of glass squares; the light you see is reflecting from the overhead pergola.  To get a perspective, have a look at this post.  The glass squares were arranged on the cover for the fireplace.


angels on the shelf

The rising sun was shining through the blinds, casting an interesting shadow on the willow tree angels


a little snow on the roof

The pedestrian bridge from the prior post has a little roof to protect the sides.  I liked the contrast with the red structure.