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On Father’s day, I took my Matchless for a nice 50 mile ride. I stopped by the old bridge on Minsi Trail to get a photo.

I took the photo with my cell phone, imported it to lightroom and post-processed it in HDR EFEX Pro where I also performed the monochrome conversion. I like the abstract feeling, almost like it’s from an old advertising brochure. The original is below the monochrome, hence my contribution to The Weekend in Black and White June 24, 2016.



The original photo:


I’m gonna be late

My new motorcycle was ready for the initial servicing, so I decided to take the morning off, have it serviced, then go to work for the afternoon.

As I headed to work, I-78 unexpectedly closed and we were stuck. Apparently, 2 truck caught on fire. After 3 hours of waiting, I turned my bike around and got off at the previous exit. I got a few glaring stares as I navigated the parked cars.  I decided to take the remainder of the day off, since it was ~3:30 when I got home and work was another 20 minutes away.

Thanks to the kind woman who lived near I-78 who brought us some snacks and the woman who let me sit in her car during the thunderstorm.

i'm gonna be late

i’m gonna be late

graduation fences

My son, Alex, graduated Cum Laude last night from high school and we are very proud.  Since the graduation was held on the football field, there are some fences for Good Fences #117

cum laude


Here’s a shot of the throwing of the caps.

throwing of the caps


Chalfont day includes a lot of activities, including a 5K race, so I took the opportunity to snap a few frames.  #6458 looks like she’s floating on air and has a very determined look on her face.


My friend, Bob Pultorak (featured here), is an avid runner (as in Boston Marathon avid) and ran in the race.  Here’s a shot of him.  He won the Bucks 5K series, congrats!

Bob Pultorak

S is for station?

I shot this along the tracks for the Septa R5.  I’m not sure, but I think this sign is an indicator to the engineer that the train is approaching a station, since the Chalfont station is about a mile from this sign.

station sign