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summer day

I happend to be in the back yard with the fisheye lens.  My wife does a fantastic job arranging different flowers in the planners, don’t you agree?


We have an abundance of Gerber daisies, which suits me just fine.  I thought I’d go all artsy-fartsy with this one.  It was converted to monochrome, then I selectively colorized the flower in the background.



Here’s the original, as you can see, the color is really powerful and saturated (I didn’t post process this exposure)





What better way to cool off on a 90 degree day than with a Golden Monkey from a nice, cold glass?


another rain shot

Before taking the photo in ‘when it rains‘, I took this photo of the same flower with my 16-70mm zeiss.  This was taken about 20 minutes earlier, just enough time for that little jewel of a water drop to form.



We had quite the thunder boom last week.  After the cloud passes and I was able photograph it as it pounded other towns.  I tried my new FLW filter to see how it would affect the clouds.   It really deepened the color of the sky.  A contribution to Skywatch.