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along the parkway

I was out and about the other evening near the 202 Parkway at sunset.  The field have not yet been plowed and planted, so they are covered with a nice green weed.

Along the Parkway


I saw this old Villiers bike at the 2016 Gathering of the Norton’s, it screamed monochrome to me.  I hope you like it.  My contribution to The Weekend in Black and White April 28, 2016.


farewell (not so) old friend

Last week, I went to the salvage yard to recover the trunk from my motorcycle, so I took one last photo.  Farewell my old friend, it was 3 great years and 14,000 miles of smiles. You will soon be replaced, but never forgotten.



I caught Bella in a nice pose. She loves to lay by the door and catch the sun. It’s a bonus if someone walks by so she can scare them off. Double bonus if they are walking a dog.

I’m slowly returning to normal. There’s just a lot of bullshit to deal with after an accident.


Gathering on the nortons – 2016

I attended the 2016 Gathering of the Nortons 🙂

but I had to drive a car 🙁

For those visiting from Weekend Reflections #343, there are abundant reflections later in the post, I promise.

This year was greater than ever. I took a panorama and I am sharing using Google Photos, because it will maintain the width of the photo better than my blog.

Another shot of the crowd (non-pano)


2016 Gathering of the Nortons


A gorgeous Norton 880

2016 Gathering of the Nortons

An equally gorgeous (IMO) Norton

2016 Gathering of the Nortons

I was into petrol tanks this year, this was a nice cafe racer

2016 Gathering of the Nortons
Royal Enfield with yours truly in the reflection

2016 Gathering of the Nortons

Yours truly with Mrs. Yours Truly in the reflection of this Sunbeam tank.

2016 Gathering of the Nortons

I’m not so sure the owner of this bike would have been happy with this stink bug.

2016 Gathering of the Nortons