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fences everywhere

I took this panorama of the back yard the day after our recent blizzard.  Lots of fences, so I’m sending this TexWisGirl’s way for Good Fences #99.

backyard pano

a little coating

We woke up this morning to a coating of snow.  95% of the snow we got last week during the blizzard has melted – I’ve never seen so much snow disappear so quickly.

snowy morning

what do you see?

I took this out the front door the morning after the ‘blizzard of 2016’. An interesting pattern in a snow drift created by the wind.

To me, it resembles the profile of a face. How about you?

snow drift

time lapse of the blizzard


happy hour

You’re welcome to stop by for a drink, if you can get here.  This is a view out back as of a few minutes ago.  There’s easily 24″ of snow and it’s still coming down.  The yardstick by the gopro is at 24″ and climbing.  Alex and I spent about 3 hours to clear ours and one of our neighbor’s driveway.  Time for a little rest and back out at it.

blizzard 2016

Out front is worse, the drifts are easily 40″ (100cm)

blizzard 2016-1