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Old City

A shot of an alley in Old City, Philadelphia, an area rich with America’s history.

alley in Old City, Philadelphia

monday morning

This pretty much sums up Monday mornings …

back to the barn

This was taken a few years back after a healthy snow storm.  The cows were heading back to the barn for some shelter and a meal.  My contribution to Skywatch Friday.



Remember I commented a few posts ago about going through old photos?  Check out this gem I took way back in 2008 while visiting Disney.  It was shot with a Canon PowerShot 5S IS, which I still have to this day.  Not too shabby for a 8MP camera!


I recently remodeled my in-home office.  My wife bought me a rustic lamp with a modern Edison bulbs (non-LED).  While not terribly energy efficient, it is vey interesting to look at.  This was taken with an f8 aperture and 1/1600sec shutter speed.