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skywatch reflection

As I was walking in to work the other day, I noticed the glass door was completely covered in dewdrops, semi-obscuring the reflection of the sky.  I thought it looked cool so I took a quick photo with my cell phone.  My contribution to Weekend Reflections #365 and Skywatch Friday.

sky reflection

they’re everywhere

We were checking the parsley the other day and found *seven* swallowtail caterpillars feasting.  I don’t ever recall seeing this many, should make for a good fall batch.


gimme some of that

My adorable great-niece reaching for my camera after enjoying some cake on her first birthday.




Her equally adorable big sister posing for me.


Old Racetrack Road

I came across this pasture on Old Racetrack Road in Chester county. I was hoping to find the old racetrack, but no such luck.

It was a beautiful and peaceful scene. I’m offering this up for Good Fences #130.

Old Racetrack Road

I was getting the evil eye from a couple of the horses.

evil eye

where’s mommy

The dogs were watching the window like a hawk, they heard the door on my wife’s car close and were anticipating her next move.

where's mommywhere’s