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another rain shot

Before taking the photo in ‘when it rains‘, I took this photo of the same flower with my 16-70mm zeiss.  This was taken about 20 minutes earlier, just enough time for that little jewel of a water drop to form.


3 thoughts on “another rain shot

  1. RuneE says:

    Jewels was the right word.

  2. That is a great rain shot, Wayne. Lovely.
    re your comment on my blog today. So, you were the owner of an R80ST. I am impressed. That was one of the great bikes of all time. It had plenty of power, and was especially good handling. There were only about 1,000 of these imported into the U.S., and I see a few ads for them now, but they are old bikes, 34 years old. So buying one would require a careful inspection, a good mechanic, and a source of parts. Thanks for looking at my blog.