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AMCA Oley 2017

This was stuck in my draft, for some reason, I didn’t post.


The Antique Motorcycle Club of America sponsors many events.  I normally attend the on in Oley, PA in April.  Here’s a panning shot of the fairgrounds.  There’s a lot of neat old bikes, most are for sale, but the flea market is a lot of fun to look around



I should have taken residence on a bench and photographed the people, but I was too busy looking at motorcycle bits.  This attractive young lady was very willing to pose for me, but she didn’t say much 🙂

I like the guy’s t-shirt in the background #antiquemotorcycle



6 thoughts on “AMCA Oley 2017

  1. Peering at photo – and tried enlarging – but can’t read what kind of friends he has.

  2. Amy Franks says:

    I can’t see the writing on the shirt, need my glasses on I think but it looks like a fun day.

  3. RuneE says:

    I think I can hear the noise 🙂

  4. Patrick says:

    Great photos of what looks to be a great event. Yep, I bet she doesn’t say much at all. I love to go to things like this.

  5. rebecca haegele says:

    Wow i never heard of this before. It looks popular.