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abandoned Chalfont

Here is a summary of the eight nine abandoned properties I have photographed in Chalfont.  Notably absent from this list is the old Chalfont Elementary school, now slated to become condos.  When I moved to Chalfont in 1990, every one of these was a functioning part of the community.

I want to thank Kathy Romano of WMMR for the inspiration (although she may not be thrilled).  July 2017 update, 2 of these sites have been renovated and operational, 2 other sites are under construction.

Lenape Valley Swim Club (55 homes coming – July 2017 update, site work started on the construction of 57 new homes)

Diving tank

Diving tank

Green houses adjacent to LVSC .  Here’s another from my old blog from 2010 (Supposed to be developed as part of the swim club)


Brighten Place (to be demolished and developed into Apartments)  Update October 13, 2015 – the boro emailed the residents that this building is to be demo’d in the next few weeks.  Update July 2017, a new apartment building is now open for business.

brighton place

St. James Church.  To be developed into a restaurant.  Here’s another photo from 2011

St. James Church Chalfont

St. James Church Chalfont


Firehouse (no clue as to what this will become)

old firehouse in Chalfont

old firehouse in Chalfont

Gas Station, Bowling Alley, and Pizza Shop (left to right).  The trifecta of waste, a real eyesore.   This property was scheduled to be developed several times, but has never gotten past the planning stage.  This makes for appealing entrance to the boro from the north end.  October 2015 update, the pizza joint (on the right) and old gas station (left) have been demolished.  The bowling alley will be demo’d soon, it is waiting for asbestos remediation.

north chalfont


Car Wash This is at the opposite end of town from the photo immediately above.  The building was damaged in 2006 when an SUV hit the corner of the building and took out the gas meter, causing a spectacular fire.  Recently, a pile of new roof trusses appeared on the property as well as warning signs for surveillance camera.   According to the boro, the property owner is going to fix the roof.  I drove by the other morning and the roof trusses had been replaced and new plywood installed.  Why it took 9 years is beyond comprehension of many of the boro residents.  While this is a step in the right direction, the question remains as to whether the car wash will open or this is just lipstick on a pig.  Update July 2017, the car wash has been refurbished and is open for business.

car wash

car wash

Hopefully, I won’t have more to add to these any time in the near future and I will be able to report positive progress.

Captain Snarky is now signing off.

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  1. TexWisGirl says:

    the trifecta and the car wash must really make for a yucky corner.